Replacement Parts and Repairs

At Dreamland Sunglasses we have an after-sales technical service to repair your lenses in case of an accident. We also have spare parts for temples and lenses for all our models.

In case your lenses have a scratch you can only change it by reusing the same frame, that way you can extend the life of your lenses at a very low cost.

Spare parts

To buy a replacement part contact us via WhatsApp or email to be able to give you all the necessary information on costs and placement.


If you need to repair your glasses contact us via WhatsApp or email to coordinate the shipping, we will repair it in our workshop and we will send it back to your home.

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Reparación de Lentes

⚠ Important:

We only repair sunglasses from our own brand Dreamland Sunglasses.
We do not repair other brands nor do we have spare parts for their repair.